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Welcome to Fergies-on-Tour. Fergies in this case refers to the Ferguson family descended from Alex & Jean Ferguson latterly of Belfast and Bangor, NI.

There are a few public spaces available:

We maintain a number of genealogy sites, though our own family genealogy is not publicly accessible; if you think you may be related to our branches of the Ferguson, Anderson, McCabe or Baird families, please explain to Drew and he ought to be able to give you access
Fergus Mòr: provides a genealogy of the person commonly understood to be the founder of the clan. Goes backward through the mythological High Kings of Ireland to Noah; it tracks forward through historical persons linking to various Royal Families. It is work-in-progress.
Historical Fergusons: these are genealogical records researched from various sources, rarely more recent than 1920's. It too is work-in-progress.
Our travel blog
it started off tracking our adventures in a campervan but now covers day trips and holidays by any means available
When we are able to verify a common ancester in these genealogies, we can join them up into a single and authoritive Clan genealogy.

Information about the Clan

Ferguson Clan 20210315
compiled from the pages of Clan Fergusson Society of North America a few years ago The name Fergusson and its history spreads from Antrim in northeastern Ireland to the shores of Dalriada under Fergus…
The History of the Clan Ferguson 20210315
Compiled from an email posted by Barbara R Dorey; sorry, original details have been lost. The Fergusons or Fergussons, are a very ancient clan of Gaelic origin. They are believed to have descended fro…
The Clan Ferguson 20210315
from The Scottish clans and their tartans W & AK Johnston circa 1900 archive.org The name and clan of Fergusson have, singular to say, been more distinguished in times of peace than those of war a…
History of the Ferguson Clan 20210315
Compiled from the pages of Michael Ferguson; original details since lost. The names Fergusson and Ferguson derives from “Macfhearghuis” which is of ancient Celtic origin. One of Ireland’s oldest survi…
Origins of Clan MacFearghus 20210316
The Celtic peoples of Ireland, and later Scotland, were an aural society. While the Romans had introduced writing to Britain, their influence did not reach Ireland and most of the social changes that …
The Clan Fergusson 20210315
Compiled from the pages of tartan.com; the domain seems to have since disappeared. The origin of the name Fergusson or Ferguson, “son of Fergus” (MacFhearguis in Gaelic), is shrouded by the mists of t…
Ferguson 20210315
from an unidentified source from 1923 The name Ferguson is an Anglicization of the Gaelic “Macfhearghus”, son of Fergus a personal name of old Celtic origin. Although often considered as one clan, the…

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